The Global Vision​ Team

The technical team of Global Vision is composed of experiences engineers and researchers. Some of them are international leading experts.

The team stands out for its multidisciplinary acquired through the careers and training of its members. Its skills are related to: 

  • Chemistry, physics, mechanics, 

  • Materials (manufacturing, aging, degradation), 

  • Biology, 

  • Digital technologies, Big Data.

Global Vision finds missing competences through partnerships. 

Our team
Anthony Beaudier, CEO - Co-Founder 

Graduated in International Business and Marketing, 10 years' experience in business development in the service area. He has developed an expertise in the management of innovation and open innovation. 

Patricia Monnier, Expert in Chemical Engineering 

Engineer, PhD in Chemical Engineering and more than 10 years, experience in setting up and management of R&D projects in firms/enterprises. She has developed expertise in technology scouting and methods for innovation design.

Pierre-Yves Delavalle, Expert in Biology

PhD in Biology, wide range of skills and knowledge in biotechnologies. He has developed expertise in technology scouting and methods for innovation design. 

Maurice Merlin, Expert in Management of Innovative Projects

Graduated in Strategic survey, 10 years' experience in management and financing of innovative projects in enterprises (client needs, project management, PI, technology survey, collaborative innovation, ...). 

Michel Chapot, Business Development Paris Region

Michel Charpot joined Global Vision after having held several sales management positions in microelectronics, embedded systems and connected objects for more than 20 years. Based in the Paris region, he takes charge of the launch, development and follow-up of commercial activities with clients in Paris region.

Jean-Claude van Duysen, Expert in Materials Science and Energy

Engineer in Materials Science, PhD in Fundamental Physics, PhD in Metallurgy. He founded and managed research centers in Germany, Italy, and the USA. He is co-author of "The Sustainable Development", Ed. l'Harmattan.

Stéphanie Jumel, Expert in Materials Science and Energy

Engineer and PhD in Materials Science. 15 years' in management of technical projects, in France, Germany, and the USA. She is co-author of "The Sustainable Development", Ed. l'Harmattan. 

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