Technical Solutions

We offer two types of roadmap: 

  • Market-oriented roadmap: an analysis of market expectations and a planning of the innovations required to meet them, 

  • Technology-oriented roadmap: an analysis of available technical solutions, an assessment of new products or services that are achievable by using these solutions, and a planning of the main steps to bring to market one of these products or services.

  • We produce monographs (state of the art in a technical field), 

  • We carry out science or technology surveys, 

  • We globally scout for existing solutions to solve technical problems or provide new products or services (open innovation), 

  • We conduct creative work to design new products or services. 

Development and Management of projects
Financing of Innovation 

We offer firms/enterprises to partially or totally manage their innovation projects. Our offer includes project technical program and budget definition, search for partners, project management, results analysis and reporting.

We support firms/enterprises to get public or private subsidies for innovation projects by: 

  • ​Identifying suitable subsidies,

  • Recommending subsidies to apply for, 

  • Setting up applications files, 

  • Reporting to the financing organization. 

Marché US

We offer firms/enterprises access to our platform for innovation support tools: 

  • Search for patents, 

  • Textual and semantic analysis, 

  • Development and management of projects, 

  • Assessment of chances of success. 

Through our US Branch, we offer firms/enterprises to analyse the US market appropriate for their products or services, and to set up the local contacts required to penetrate this market.

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