The three degrees of open innovation

Les 3 degrés de l'open innovation

The open innovation can be practiced at different degrees depending at witch level you want to open. These three degrees are:

- The internal degree

This may seem paradoxical but open innovation often starts in-house by opening up the various services. Large companies are actually aggregates of business units, subsidiaries, departments, plants that don’t  share a lot between them. This will need to open up these various entities and recreate the exchange between them including the use of a platform for collaborative innovation … “Perhaps the solution in on the floor above.”

- The ecosystem degree

The company is never isolated. Its surrounded by an ecosystem composed of different stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners, labs, clusters … This complex network has a potential for significant ideas and solutions if you know sollicitate it. Again the use of a platform for collaborative innovation is relevant but the most reprensentative practice remains the collaborative project.

- The global degree

This is the highest level that gives meaning to open innovation. This is the search for the solution, where it is, beyond the geographical or technical boundaries. “Whatever the problem, the solution exists … somewhere.” It’s being able to link the problem to the solution … Scouting techniques, information processing methods complemented by creativity and crowdsourcing methods are appropriate means to identify these solutions.

Companies wishing to develop an open innovation approach will determine their degree of openness and the tools to be deployed at each stage.

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