The open innovation as a discliplinary field

open innovation as a disciplinary field

Open Innovation, does it work ?

Human resources, it works or not ? Quality, it works or not ? Marketing, it works or not ? … These questions do not make sense right?

Like that of asking whether does open innovation work? It all depends on practice, how to implement it and the context.

Open innovation is a discipline as well as others: HR, business management, finance, production, quality … with its own objectives:
- Launch more projects,
- More disruptive projects,
- Reduced costs of R&D,
- Increase the likelihood of success,
- Reduce time to market,
- Carry out projects outside its expertise,
- Make more of its technology …

This discipline brings together a number of practices also vary in their methods of implementation. While open innovation is as old as innovation, open innovation term only appears in 2003. But this discipline is to identify as such, can make a subject of study, the model and improve its implementation.

Scouting, collaboration, crowdsourcing, licensing are practices to be managed. (See article on the practice of open innovation)

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